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Emergency Nursing Certificate (NURC596)

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Courses List

  1. [R] NURC596 - Emergency Nursing Module I
  2. [R] NURC596 - Emergency Nursing Module II
  3. [R] NURC596 - Emergency Nursing Module III
  4. [R] NURC596 - Emergency Nursing Module IV


[R] = Required
[C] = Concentration
[E] = Elective

Program Prerequisites

Applicants to this certifcate program must be current Registered Nurses who have a current state liscense to practice nursing. There are no exceptions to this pre-requisite.

Program Description

Welcome to the Professional Emergency Nursing Certificate Program offered by Canyon College. You have made a wise decision to pursue study and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to practice in this growing nursing practice specialty. This area of specialty nursing practice is growing all the time and highly educated and skilled emergency department nurses are in very high demand today. Today's standards of care and practice dictate that nurses practicing in this specialty are formally prepared via education, continuing education, self-study and discovery, with a comprehensive knowledge base to practice at a quality level today. Many health care organizations today are mandating Certification of their emergency department nursing staff. This certificate program seeks to meet two major objectives:

1. Provide practicing emergency nurses with a verifiable and a formal college level program of education and assist them in preparing for the emergency nursing certification examination, and;

2. Provide a comprehensive college level program for professional registered nurses who aspire to practice emergency nursing, but have not had a formal or complete training/education.